Due to time and space constraints in the pool, we are only able to accomodate a limited number of swimmers each week. To be considered for membership please contact the Club Secretary to find out how to apply. You can download a membership application form from here and it will be processsed in accordance with our membership procedure.  

There is usually a "waiting list" in operation and Blackpool residents are given priority.  An assessment of the support needs and capability of each individual is made before any individual is permitted to swim.  You can explain your circumstances when you make contact.  We will aim to assist and support you the best we can. 

The members handbook our summarising rules, regulations and other information is avaialbe here

We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for everybody, but sometimes things may go wrong.  Any concerns about training or lessons should be discussed with the swimming teacher through the Head Coach.  Issues associated with operation of the swimming club or social activieis should be discussed with the Chair or vice Chair of the Swimming & Social Committee. If you are disatifised with the outome of these discusisons then contact a trustee prior to raising a Complaint.