Chair Lynda Inglis

01253 7510769
07948 208765

Secretary Donna Hollamby  
Treasurer Mel Joyce  

Safeguarding & Welfare Officers

Lucy Morrison
Michelle Lattimer

07919 333539
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Club Coach

Emma Inglis 01253 781076

Mel Joyce
Donna Davies
Shantell Christie

Donna Hollamby
Andrew Finleyson
Ann Foster

Swimming & Social Committee members

Shantell Christie
Mel Joyce
Michelle Lattimer
Emma Inglis
Jenny Smith
Tracy Crook
Lynda Riley
Laura Hall
Donna Davies
Kevin McCumisky
Donna Hollamby
Pam Lloyd
Lynda Inglis
Craig Smith
Coaches & Teachers  
Emma Inglis
Shantell Christie
Lynda Riley
Andy Inglis
Paul Cooper
ASA Level 2 teacher
ASA Level 1 teacher
ASA Level 1 teacher
ASA Level 1 teacher
ASA Level 1 teacher
Hazel Sharratt (Blackpool Council) ASA Level 1 teacher
ASA Level 2 teacher
ASA Level 1 disability
Abbie Sharratt (Blackpool Council) ASA Level 1 teacher
ASA Level 2 teacher

Volunteer Qualified ASA Helpers in the Water

*Donna Hollamby
*Lucy Taylor
*Shantell Christie
*Lynda Inglis

Andrew Finlayson
Colin Hirst
Bevan Clark
Tiagan Christie
Lynda Riley
Alan Morrison
Karen Belcher
Joseph Harrison
Shezelle Riley

* NDCS deaf friendly swimming course

In addition to the committee, the Club could not be run without a number of volunteers, both volunteer teachers and "Helpers in the Water". These members give their time to assist running swimming sessions each week. They have all received appropriate training and are DBS checked. Blackpool Council supply teaching staff with levels of qualifications appropriate to their involvement.

Blackpool Polar Bears swimming sessions are held on Sundays at Moor Park Swimming Pool. The time table shown is for information only, members will be allocated a swimming time according to their ability and in order to make the most of our available pool time. 

9am - 9.40am   Competitive Session
9am - 10.25am   Learn to Swim
10.25am - 10.50am   Learn to Swim
11am - 11.25am   Learn to Swim
11.25am - 11.50am   Learn to Swim


Please do not turn up without an allocated swimming time as you will not be able to join in.

Who are Blackpool Polar Bears?

Blackpool Polar Bears is  a multi-disability swimming and recreation group for the local community with physical or learning disabilities. It encompasses families, carers and other agencies and aims to provide opportunities for recreational, leisure and social integration. We are based at Moor Park Swimming Pool, Bristol Avenue, Blackpool FY2 0JG. 

We operate an open door policy for disabled people and their families, which encourages new members of the community to access facilities they would not normally use. Strong relationships have been established with local respite centres, schools and mainstream swimming clubs for members wishing to further their abilities. By this, our club has been able to create direct pathways and progress their curriculum to community activity. 

The club operates learner and competitive swimming lessons, which allow disabled members, their able-bodied families with disabled children, and adults to participate.  

Our Vision

  • Every individual with a disability is able to participate in a “learn to swim” scheme,
  • can strive to achieve sporting excellence through competition and is
  • supported to enable swimming and related social activities to be part of a healthy lifestyle choice.  

Our Goals

  • To provide a safe, reliable, enjoyable and affordable swimming experience for existing members and 
  • To Increase the opportunities for disabled people to learn to swim, participate in competition and incorporate swimming into their lifestyle.  

Our Charity 

  • Registration No.  1082638           
  • Registered Address:  
    Blackpool Polar Bears, 7 Granville Road, Blackpool, FY1 3NL

Our Team

All volunteers have been subject to DBS clearance through Special Olympics GB.  Teaching staff are trained to the appropriate ASA standard and "Helpers in the Water" have achieved the ASA Disabled Helpers qualification.