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On 18th May it was time for the first Blackpool Polar Bears Club Gala 2014. Our theme for this gala was the “World Cup” - what could be more topical?!?

We split these events into two parts according to swimmers ability, and Gala 1 in the morning had 36 members taking part.

Gala 2 from 12 noon to 1.30pm had 34 members taking part, all for fun and to recognise effort and achievement.

What a result!!! 36 personal best times were recorded! Big CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part! All members came away with three medals each – an important recognition of the effort each and every one puts in.

A big “thanks” goes to Sainsburys (Red Bank Road) for donating sport relief goods and fruit for all members for this event. Contributions from local businesses are a real help and very much appreciated.

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P1020877croppedBlackpool Polar Bears are very proud to have not only been nominated for the “Disability Sports Award”, but to have been “highly commended at a ceremony on 3rd April at Blackpool Football Club.

The “Altogether Now – a Legacy for Blackpool Community Sports Awards” (formerly Community Sports Award) is held annually to honour individuals and teams that contribute to the thriving local sports scene.

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On Saturday, 26th April, a team from Blackpool Polar Bears attended the Special Olympic Regional Gala at Picton Aquatic Centre, Liverpool.P1020895cropped

A fun time was had by all (which is the most important thing), but the 15 members that attended came back with this haul:

  • 12 Gold medals
  • 16 Silver medals
  • 8 Bronze medals
  • 3 5th place medals
  • 3 7th place medals
  • 2 “*th” medals and
  • 2 “speeding tickets” (i.e. not ranked as had improved so much that the class entered was no longer appropriate!)

A big “Thank You” to all who took part, to all who supported the team and, of course, a big CONTRATULATIONS to all who gave their best in the water!

Blackpool Polar Bears are on a roll.

nash2013-000In September Blackpool Polar Bears attended the N.A.S.C.H. Regional Qualifying gala in Warrington. 12 members of the club attended, where 10 of the squad qualified to attend the N.A.S.C.H. National in Royal Leamington Spa on the 2nd November 2013.

There were nine regions taking part in the final event fighting for the chance to win any of the 19 championship trophies.

All winning competitors were awarded point for the positions they won and added together to give the results. At the end and after 27 events the points were totalled up which resulted in the Blackpool Polar Bears North West Team winning:

  1. Wickham Trophy: Junior Relay Winners
  2. Ken Goad Junior Trophy: Junior Overall Winners
  3. N.A.S.C.H. Marlin Trophy: Men's Relay
  4. Derik Braham Trophy: Senior Winners Trophy
  5. Founders Trophy: Overall Winners