Swimmers doing backstrokeWell done to all who took part in the Special Olympics Gala which took place at Palatine Pool in Blackpool on 24th September. A total of 128 swimmers from 11 clubs from across the North East and North West of England took part in 61 races.

Of course, to some it will have been important to try to win, but all who took part did so as much for the participation as the victory. After some opening words by Councillor Graham Cain the event got underway and a great day was enjoyed by everyone!


Thanks to the following for supporting this event:

  • Blackpool Aquatics ASC
  • Lloyds Bank (Whitegate Drive Branch)
  • Volunteers from all participating clubs
  • Palatine Sports Centre Staff
  • Blackpool Polar Bears volunteers who helped organise the event

Thanks also to the following for their donations which allowed the event to take place:

  • URENCO (UK) Ltd
  • Lancashire Sport
  • Blackpool Transport
  • Alf Clempson (Lancs. County Cllr)
  • John Shedwick (Lancs. County Cllr)}
  • Andrew Graham
  • Nuclear Industry Consultancey Services Ltd.

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Photos by Rachel Lambert and Peter Sutcliffe
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