On Saturday, 26th April, a team from Blackpool Polar Bears attended the Special Olympic Regional Gala at Picton Aquatic Centre, Liverpool.P1020895cropped

A fun time was had by all (which is the most important thing), but the 15 members that attended came back with this haul:

  • 12 Gold medals
  • 16 Silver medals
  • 8 Bronze medals
  • 3 5th place medals
  • 3 7th place medals
  • 2 “*th” medals and
  • 2 “speeding tickets” (i.e. not ranked as had improved so much that the class entered was no longer appropriate!)

A big “Thank You” to all who took part, to all who supported the team and, of course, a big CONTRATULATIONS to all who gave their best in the water!