Just A Quick Update

In the N.A.S.C.H. Regional Gala, Warrington, 29th September we competed successfully and achieved:

  • 12 Gold
  • 6 Silver and
  • 2 Bronze Medals

 Gold Medallists now go to the N.A.S.C. H. Nationals to be held in Leamington Spa on the 3rd November 2013!

Junior Swimmers

Jenna L  -50m Front Crawl

Adam T - 50m Front Crawl

Erin G - 100m Front Crawl

Ethan W - 100m Front Crawl

Michael C - 25m Front Crawl

Junior Mixed Relay

Erin G, Adam T, Ethan W

Ladies Seniors Swimmers:

Shezelle R 100m Front Crawl

Men’s Relay

Liam E, Jack W, Nathan W

Congratulations so far, and all best in November!!!